Perspective is Power!

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Perspective is Power!

Coaching gives perspective and perspective, as we will see, is very powerful indeed. If you only did one personal development or leadership initiative this year coaching would be my recommendation. Cutting to the heart of the problem, acknowledging and validating the emotions around an issue, making them heard, creates the launchpad for enduring solutions that actually work. Whether coaching others or coaching yourself, the solutions are authentically the coachees (the person being coached), an answer matched to the DNA of the question and crucially, the person in question. Good advice is not the same thing.

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As coaches, we live for the breakthrough moments. The delightful awakening to a reality lifelong hidden in the shadows, outshone by an anxious sun.  The change in posture, the facial expression, painful winces transformed to melting smiles of relief. Only self-realization carries this magic power, coaching is its wand.

The salve is easy to apply. We have become so programmed by others, by their well-meaning and often ill-meaning advice, by people we know and by anonymous strangers who enter our homes through the glowing rectangles we worship like Gods. We listen to everyone, anyone! Yet, we fail to listen to ourselves. Coaching and self-coaching is the cure for this evil.

Mindfulness is the essential 1st step to effective coaching, by both the coach and the coachee. If you are stuck on the side of the mountain, it’s hard to see the top, but it’s easy to see infinite the drop to your death, seemably only a slipped foot or missed finger hold away. Mindfulness allows you to see the entire mountain from base camp at the other side of the valley.

In neuroscience, there are 2 perspectives to this incredible imposing mountain view. Top down and bottom up. Top-down refers to piercing thoughts and emotional bubbles that make up our consciousness generated from the engines of the pre-frontal cortex and limbic system. Bottom-up refers to the sensory perception of sight, sounds and feeling. Mindfulness places you in the middle of the 2 opposing forces, a spectator’s viewpoint in the Grand Prix of daily life.

From this perspective thoughts and feelings can be isolated and coached individually. Each thought and emotion serves a purpose, and self-coaching and coaching with a professional will help you to shed light on the meaning of each. To craft, reframe and reshape thoughts and feelings into enabling beliefs that help you to float to the surface is the goal.  Limiting beliefs and thoughts are like weights. Weights that anchor you to the seabed. You may not even be aware that they exist, you may not even be aware that there is a surface.  Coaching, dear friends, will set you free.

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