Skype Coaching for Leaders & Business Owners

7 -Step Plan

This powerful package is delivered over 4 or 7, 2-hour coaching sessions and delivers powerful personal breakthroughs.

Business focused on focused on other aspects of your life, together, we will identify your goals and create a powerful alignment with your needs, values, beliefs, strategy and skillset for breakthrough success.  This is how we will do it:


  • Flexible | Choose 4 or 7 sessions, the choice is yours.
  • Clarity on your situation and commitment to your real goal.
  • Identify your emergency immediate need.
  • Massively enhanced motivation and energy.
  • Clarity on your authentic identity as a leader and person.
  • A personalised leadership framework just for you.
  • Training in the skills needed to succeed.
  • 2-hour coaching sessions by Skype or in-person.
  • Real-time support by phone or messenger (optional)

The 7 Steps

Step 1 | Self Awareness & Clarity.

At this essential session, we will define your initial goal and discuss in detail the complete picture making up your current reality. When I work with a new client, my 1st task is to help you to organize the fog of thoughts, emotions and ideas and to get to the heart of the real issue causing your frustration.  Together we will seek clarity and through honesty about your current situation.

Only when you can see the mountain from afar, can you see the path to the top. When you are on the mountain you can only look down.

Step 2 | Goals, Needs and Purpose.

We will identify the rock-solid goals that you will not only commit to but will energize you to win every minute of every day. Having goals aligned with your true needs and authentic identity is one of the most powerful moments. We will uncover your hidden immediate needs, that you may be completely unaware of, yet demand your attention.

Step 3 | Take the Breaks Off.

The big one.  Together, we will find the one area of your personality or life that is holding you back from your breakthrough.  These are the personal blocks.  You are the only thing that has been holding you back for many years now and it’s vital to know how and what to do about it.

Step 4 | Create a Winning Strategy and Personal Leadership Framework.

We will develop a strategy and solution to your personal challenge.  I have helped corporations, entrepreneurs and regular people to find winning strategies for over 20 years and together we will make a leadership framework just for you, tuned into who you are as a person.

Step 5 | Energy Hack 

Energy is very personal but vital for winning and success.  Learn the easy to use energy hacks that will help you to maintain the vitality and energy to enjoy your journey to success. From my forthcoming book “Energy Hacks” with co-writer and neuroscientist Maite Balde PHD, I will teach you how to master both physical and mental energy and you will have your own personalized energy plan.

Step 6 | Learn new skills, Develop New Habits.

To achieve your goals you not only need the emotional strength, mindset and strategy, you need a skillset too.  I am a corporate leadership trainer for multinational companies and global brands.  I will teach you the individual skills you need to achieve your goal.

Step 7Over the Line.

Now you have all you need and its time to breakthrough. Together we will tune your strategy and develop the determination to win.  I have not only helped winners but interviewed hundreds of successful entrepreneurs and world champion athletes to learn their secrets.  In this final step, we will identify the one area of the winner’s framework that will give you the result that you want.  You will learn how to use this to get over the line to success.

About the Coaching

  • Each of the 7 coaching sessions lasts for two hours. (In my experience this is the realistic time it takes for a breakthrough at each session)
  • Coaching delivered by Skype or the video app of your choice.
  • Sessions usually last longer and there is no charge for the additional time, I want to help you to get the result that you want.
  • During the coaching period I am on hand by instant messenger to help you along the way.
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Meet the Coach

For over 20 years, I have helped entrepreneurs, business owners and business leaders to find direction and to break through, smashing through their mental blocks to achieve breakthrough success.

I truly believe in you, and your ability to achieve your goals, to live a wonderful life of vitality, energy and success, it does, however, require a little help and knowledge now and again.

I have a big interest in winning and in human energy and I am currently writing a book on the neuroscience and psychology of energy and winning.  The research, together with my neuroscientist co-writer, has taken us to interview world champion athletes, entrepreneurs and winners to learn their secrets.  It would be my pleasure to share those secrets with you. Kindest, Russell

Flexi | 4 X 2-Hour Sessions


  • 4 X 2-Hour coaching sessions
  • Follow the 1st 4-steps OR take a flexible approach.
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  • 7 X 2-Hour coaching sessions
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  • 7 X 2-Hour coaching sessions
  • Ongoing messenger support during the period of coaching
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  • 7 X 2-Hour coaching sessions
  • Ongoing messenger support during the period of coaching
  • On-call for 7 additional 15-minute advice sessions by phone
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